Established in 2003

Dr. Martha Propker, a distinguished professional in the pharmaceutical field, utilized her initiative to establish F.P Clinical Pharma in 2003. Since its launch, F.P.’s primary objective has been to provide local pharma companies with clinical services, pharmaceuticals and regulatory, bioanalysis and statistics to conduct bioavailability and bioequivalence studies for generic brand products.

To the founders of F.P Clinical Pharma, the liason of knowledge with scientific experience was recognized as an indispensable merge. In conjunction with the enormous benefits Argentina offers for clinical research, the founders projected their propensity for guaranteed excellence in service and execution, with high achieving trials.

In 2006, Dr. Ethel C. Feleder, a widely renowned medical pharmacologist with both local and international experience in the realm of basic and clinical research; joined the company. The company subsequently began several new clinical and pharmacokinetic projects for new medicinal agents, new dosage forms, new devices for domestic and international companies.

F.P Clinical Pharma was therefore solidified into an organization that offers clinical research and an extensive array of services for the pharmaceutical industry, supporting the development and commercialization of medicinal products.

In 2006, F.P Clinical Pharma reached into an strategic, exclusive alliance for the creation of a specialized Clinical Research Unit for the conduction of clinical pharmacokinetic studies.
Since then; 10 years have passed and the F.P. Clinical Pharma has strongly been working for more than 100 biopharm companies; facilitating them to get approval for their research products into market.

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Since 2003, with recognized credentials, our primary objective has been to provide the Local and International Industry with Clinical, Pharmacological, Regulatory, Bio Analytical and Statistical...

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