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Clinical and Medical Staff

Teamwork is a must to get the best from our company.
The structure of our organization shows clearly defined areas , which in turn interact for performing a harmonious activities.

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  • Initiation
  • Team
  • Organization
Collaborating in teams is essential to get the most from our company. Our organization has clearly defined divisions which interact with one another in order to cooperate harmoniously.

We have established regular meetings to keep us updated on the progress of each project, to facilitate coordination of activities, and to promote brainstorming.
Therefore, F.P. Clinical Pharma offers the pharmaceutical industry a highly qualified team of professionals prepared to design, conduct, and analyze each phase of clinical pharmacokinetic study.

We are made up of a group of over 25 individuals who participate in different divisions.
  • General Management
  • Medical Affairs – Scientists
  • Legal and Financial Affairs
  • Clinical Investigation
  • Bio analysis
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Management
  • Administration
Our Medical team is enduringly concentrated on your trial. Our investigators are responsible for the adequate coordination of your study and the safety of the test subjects.
Our team is prepared to work on your next clinical trial in pharmacokinetics. We assign a well-equipped group to each project which includes Study Coordinators, Nurses, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Sample Collecting Personnel, and Biochemists.

Our continuous training plan ensures that our professional staff are updated and predisposed at all times to achieve the requirements of the study. Our Adherence to the Good Clinical Practices guarantees the subject’s safety and confidentiality in trial results.

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