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Subject Volunteers

Volunteer patients

Our database is comprised of over 2.000 subject volunteers and is registered in the National Directory of Personal Data certificate Nº 1606.

Before deciding to participate as a volunteer, be informed of the following.

What is a clinical study?

A clinical study is a medical investigation where experimental treatment, devices, and medications are tested on human beings under the supervision of medical personnel to determine if they are effective and safe to cure, prevent, or control a disease.

Why are clinical studies important?

As a result of clinical studies, there have been many important discoveries which have enhanced our lives, for example:
  • New medications for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.
  • Ultrasound systems, x-rays, and diagnostic tests.
  • Vaccines
  • Treatment to quit smoking
  • Improvement of medical procedures

Other considerations

There is no guarantee that a clinical study would personally benefit you. In the future, the results may help other people who have health problems. Participation in clinical studies is voluntary.

Will the study personally benefit me?

Your participation in this study will grant you awareness of your starting state of health. There is no other significant medical benefit; beyond the financial compensation and knowing you contributed to the medical sciences.

Can I withdraw from the study at any time?

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You can deny participating in this study without penalties or loss of benefits which you are entitled to. You may be discontinued from participating in the study if your doctor finds, for whatever reasons, (among others) serious adverse reactions or inability to follow directions.

Will I have to pay?

Medications that your doctor will provide for each case, like all complimentary studies where investigative protocol is required, are completely FREE for you. None of the participants in the study, including the doctors, health personnel, and the Institution, will be charged for the studies to be conducted or for the medications. Your participation will involve no cost for you.

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